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Your Personal Speech Coach

Coach Ana is an AI-Powered Speech Coach that works discretely on your iPhone to give you real-time feedback regardless of your accent or language.

Practice or in Real-Time

Use Coach Ana in real-time while you are on a Zoom Call, Microsoft Teams Meeting, or a Google Video Call. Use it at a Crisis Support Line, Fundraising Line, or meeting others in person. You can also use it while recording your Social Media Videos to make them more engaging.

Completely Private

Every session is private; there is no recording, no text-to-speech transcription, and no personal information captured or stored on your mobile device - or anywhere!

Reserve a spot for a free download

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Use our AI-based speech coach app Coach Ana™ to measure your fluctuating energy level and calibrate your talking speed to practice before an important event or in real-time while in a Job Interview, Keynote Speech, Class Presentation, Support Line, Business Meeting, Zoom Call, or Class.

Request a custom version of our speech coach for your organization or include it as a feature in your application. Click Here to Learn more

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Students & Teachers

  • Get feedback in real-time while delivering a Presentation in person or during a Zoom call.
  • There is never transcription or text-to-speech, entirely private for students and teachers.
  • Keep your log of what works to keep on improving.
young ethnic mom in bed, reading to 5 to 6 years old daughter, kissing her daughter in the forehead while mom has a children's book open and uses Coach Ana, a speech coaching app to give her feedback on how engaging she sounds

Content Creators

  • Get real-time feedback on your energy level and speech rate while live streaming.
  • Learn which energy level and speech rate drives more engagement from your audience.
  • In works regarding of your accent! It helps you to say things in a way that connects better with others.
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Customer & Crisis Support

  • Get real-time help on how well you are engaging with your caller.
  • There is never transcription or text-to-speech, so you can protect the privacy of your callers and comply with HIPAA regulations.
  • Keep a log to measure your progress over time.
A group of 5 individuals wearing casual business attire and smiling. From left to right we see a young female with long red hair, a hispanic young man with facial hair and short black hair, two young females with black hair and a middle age man with white hair and wearing a white shirt with a tie. , they all use Suvotek speech coaching tech

Job Interviews & Meetings

  • Practice before and get feedback during a job interview.
  • Get real-time feedback during a keynote speech, investor's pitch meeting or an important sales call.
  • Analyze your stats after each event and save your progress.

Complete Privacy Thanks to the Ethical Use of AI

Coach Ana uses Giving Tech Labs LLC Patent Pending technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze sound waves.

  • Coach Ana does not use speech-to-text transcription like the voice assistants from leading software companies or other speech coaching apps.
  • There is no audio recording, transcription, or human listening!
  • No Personal Identifiable Information is captured or required.
  • Our Privacy Policy and User Terms
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Custom Enterprise Versions

We can create and license custom versions for specific use by your team and volunteers or for you to include in your software or app.

  • Embed our speech coach inside your video conferencing or webinar solution, giving your users real-time feedback on how well they communicate.
  • Add speech coaching to your language learning application.
  • Create a custom app for your customer service and claim management reps, helping them to keep an engaging tone and easy-to-understand pace.
  • Create a custom app for your volunteers and team members at crisis counseling lines, helping them to keep a soothing voice.
  • And much more.

Learn more about the science behind our voice-coach technology by reading our RESEARCH PAPER published by KDD, the world's top conference in knowledge discovery and data sciences.


Frequently Asked Questions

We finished our Beta phase in October of 2022 and are now working on the final release of our app for December 2022.

We have an SDK for enterprise use and can train custom modules for specific use cases: Workforce Development, Early Childhood Education, Video Conference Providers, Ethical messaging services, and more.

Coach Ana - by AI SENSA LLC - 300px
English is my Second Language and I have an accent, will Coach Ana work for me?

The user interface is in English, but the application is agnostic of spoken language since Coach Ana is not based on transcribing conversations. During the Beta phase, users tested Coach Ana in English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. We want to test usage in multiple languages to tune the app as needed.

Is Coach Ana recording me?

No, The patent-pending technology does not require any recording and rather process sound waves in real-time. This allows Coach Ana to maintain complete user privacy. There is no transcript ever created, not even in your mobile device.

How does Coach Ana work?
Coach Ana uses advanced algorithms of sound processing at the device level to infer speed, energy level and intonation based on fundamental frequencies and other Patent-pending Technologies.
Does Coach Ana work on any language?

The Coach Ana app user interface is in English but since Coach Ana is not based on transcribing conversations, the application is agnostic of spoken language. Coach Ana has been tested in coaching sessions with English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. We are interested in testing usage in multiple languages to tune the app as needed.

How far from me should my iPhone be when using Coach Ana?

Coach Ana provides real-time visual feedback, so you will want to be able to see the screen while using it. The optimal distance is between 3 and 9 feet. Make sure the microphone of your device is not blocked.

Does Coach Ana work well in noisy environments?
In our software development process, we found Coach Ana’s optimal noise level tolerance is the average noise level found at an office, including some music background. Results can be affected by loud noises, or even by low-frequency noises that you might not be aware of such as engines running (in a car, a loud ventilation system, an airplane, dishwasher, etc). However, we would like you to continue to test in multiple locations with various sound environments to test accuracy.
Can I use other apps while using Coach Ana?

Yes, Coach Ana is very flexible to allow another app usage without interrupting the session. You can open a document to read your notes, take a picture or conduct other activities while using Coach Ana. Just don’t forget to push “stop” and the end of your Coaching Session to ensure proper logging in My History.

What are your privacy policy and user terms?

Our privacy policy: Coach Ana Privacy

Our User Terms: Coach Ana User Terms

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Suvotek – Sound and Voice Technologies for Better Human Connections, and Coach Ana – Realtime AI-Based Speech Coach with Complete Privacy, are an incubation of Giving Tech Labs.

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